Photo Stories Inc.

Lemont, IL

Owner: Brad Tammaro

Hi, and thank you for taking a look at my company website. I started Photo Stories, Inc. in 2013 but have been making photographs since 2005. I was going to be a journalist and had to take a required visual arts class to complete the journalism program. It ended up being my favorite class. As soon as I had a camera in my hand and had an assignment to cover I was hooked. I sought out great composition and lighting and haven't looked back.

I've worked for Legends Photography as a sports portrait photographer since 2005 (my first job after graduating college) and have participated in the 9-5 game since 2008, working as a medical photographer. In 2013 I decided to follow my ambition to own a small business and opened Photo Stories.

Since opening Photo Stories I have met and worked with some amazing clients and other creative professionals and am proud of the work I've done. I care about preserving people's memories with photographs and nothing satisfies me more professionally than receiving a letter or email from a client who is excited about the photos I took for them.

Please check out the galleries on this site and let me know if you have any questions or comments.